People per Hour

1 March 2017

Hello there - 6 or 7 months of photos etc here, so will try and keep it short and snappy! Not in chronological order. Usual eventful time here on the farm including a 4 week visit from my Mum (from the UK) over the summer hols, which was lovely.

Misty mountain scene from our rough area at bottom of our land

I had to dig up our waste water pipes owing to a leak. Followed a tunnel through the ground for about a
metre before finding the hole, which had clearly been gnawed by a rat. Just noticed there is a leak coming
out of the ground somewhere else now.

On Luke's 12th birthday, I made an impulsive purchase of a 'house' rabbit - Bobs. Bobs
was (is) very sweet but there were various drawbacks, not least of which was that he wanted
to dig and chew everything. Several cables were sliced including the telephone, Luke's tablet
charger and a computer mouse. All architraves and door frames likewise chewed, plus several
jumpers, blankets and the carpet. Covered all the cables with protective tubing, but he started to
work his way through that as well. In the end the extent of damage meant he had to go outside
and that was the start of a rabbit population explosion (see below). He did - sort of - make
friends with Murphy-Cat, although his feelings went unrequited. Murphy viewed him as a bit
of a nuisance that he had to endure.

In the early part of summer it was difficult to keep on top of the mowing around the
house so I had the bright idea of using the our two big (huge) fat white rabbits as mowing
machines. I put anti-quoll wire around Luke's old climbing frame which had been used as
a veggie cover last year and slid it to a new position each day. Trouble is they ate too
quickly and left bald patches on the grass. Had better results in really thick long grass on
one of our rough slopes that has to be brush-cut. They did a fantastic job with that.
Cute batch of ducklings. Unlike the first lot, these guys didn't get eaten by devils. However
a quoll turned out to be living in the 'quoll-proof' duck/ rabbit run and we lost 3 of the 8 when
they went back outside. In the end managed to catch the quoll with a combination of hosing
water down his hole and flushing him out with the dogs and finally getting him in the possum trap.

We had a community garage sale at a neighbour's place, as part of the national garage
sale trail. This is my 'store'. As usual made very little from the whole affair but managed to
get rid of most of Luke's old toys, several bags of home made bread, a plate of home made
brownies, some of our own pepperberries and a few other bits. Picture below is Rosie making
herself comfortable on garage sale items on the back seat of the ute.

Had a good crop of baby goats again in September as reported in last post. This is little
Custard snuggled up with Mum Dusty, one of the oldest of my does. 

Couple of last year's babies. Really handsome goats.

Goat meat mincing

Hakea in full bloom. One of the natives we planted when we arrived here.

We lost several hens and a rooster over a couple of nights to a wretched Tassie devil. It
pushed under the wire and nabbed the poor old hens while they were sleeping. The second night
we heard a terrific commotion in the middle of the night. We shone a torch down into the hen run
from our bedroom deck and I could see the devil in the run with a hen in its mouth! While I yelled, Bronte
jumped over the railings and ran down there in bare feet and just his undies! The devil pushed back out
and ran off in typical clumsy rocking horse fashion. In a bid to stop further predations I had to fit
higher grade wire mesh around the bottom, nail it to the base boards and peg it to the ground. It seems to
have worked thank goodness.