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February - May 2016 Part 1

Beautiful mosses in old pig farrowing pen

Hazy smoke from 80 bush fires burning throughout Tasmania

Dear Toby tethered on the ridge

Last batch of hens under heat lamp

Luke cradling chick                                                          Duckling in egg - had to be helped out
Little ducklings - so cute

Duck family out in the wide world

Block of land that we've just put up for sale

Wilma - mad cow

Weird cows at Small Farm Expo

Luke and husky-dog at Small Farm Expo

Lace doily started in hospital

Incredibly tedious doily recently finished

Slipper socks - yay
Luke & Rosie up Jeffrey's Track

Chainsaw undergoing maintenance

New electrified goat fence

Sprouting barley enterprise

Staple and chain for goat tethering

Tobes, Jet and Tree in buck paddock

Jet in goat paddock - goats aghast

Latest 2 sheepskins drying after being in brine

Wally skin sold through Etsy

20 or so wally skins salting

Bronte & Luke's new cricket pitch and net - see how dry it is

Luke doing a Glenn Maxwell

Bront and Luke about to embark on the North-South trail

Very happy Murphy on new heat pad

Murphy panther cat

Scrumped apples, own crab apples and few windblown pears

Home-grown veggies

Home-grown beet

Blackberries - picked and sold 30kg

Home-grown carrots which mostly went mouldy when stored

Giant zucchini (courgette)                                                                   Pears from our tree

Home-grown cherry guava simmering in pot

Guava and rhubarb sorbet, first freezing

Guava and rhubarb sorbet after freezing and creaming

Little bush loaded with cherry guava

Home-grown oregano, mint and onions

Tree loaded with pears

Tasmanian pepperberries

Home-grown potatoes

Scrumptious home-made rosehip jelly

We moved the shipping container to edge of drive

Home-made tomato relish - very scrum

Tomato glut turning into pizza and pasta sauce

One of the constant trays of ripe toms

Veggie patch - Luke in background

Few of the veggies from the veggie patch including red cabbage

Cuddling bunnies

Baby bunnies

Huge fairy ring

Re-mixed hand soap - looks like the real thing

Suzuki under 'tow' by ute

Rather nice Aston in Targa race leg

Wasp trap

Trapped quoll

Feisty trapped quoll, due for re-location

Our lovely Singaporean WWOOFers with Luke