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Wednesday 17 May 2011

The last thing I should be doing is writing this blog, but anything to distract me from the fact I’ve got to dial-in to an Environment Tasmania Committee Meeting this evening – for which I am not in the least prepared – a presentation at a forestry issues public meeting tomorrow night in Huonville – for which I’m only slightly more prepared – and a million and one things to do for my marketing clients and on the farm. I’ve just booked a leg waxing and back massage for Friday – I feel I shall be in need of a treat & a bit of relaxation by then.

Got very excited yesterday because my new cordless phone works in the garage & the integral answering machine did its stuff without any prompting from me. I expect I’m meant to record a message or something when I find time to read the instructions. Took a call outside the garage yesterday. It was from the editor of The Mercury (the only real newspaper – rag - here in Southern Tassie) for whom I’d left a message in the morning. I rang to complain re double-page spreads from Forestry Tasmania personnel which at first sight appeared to be reported as fact, not opinion, and which were not countered by any other opinions, for instance from university scientists or environmental groups. Aforesaid editor very defensive & harangued me – however, I feel I gave as good as I got & finished the call feeling better after a good constructive argument! It’s great getting middle-aged & crotchety.

When cleaning up the Rosie-dog poo & pee in the laundry this morning, stopped to read the fashions section on the newspaper spread on the floor. Can’t help but feel how awful & impractical most of them are, and how thin, unwell & unattractive most of the models look. When I have time (ha ha what a laugh), I’m going to design a collection of beautiful clothing, which fits well, is easy to wear & wash, made from the best fabrics, on which the buttons don’t fall off, threads don’t fray & zips don’t get caught, for women with curves, colour in their cheeks & hair which doesn’t make them look like GIs. Women with a bit of a podge under their waists because they’ve had kids & can’t give up chocolate; women with smiles & dimples. I’ll display this collection each year in my alternative MONA – to be called LISA – in which the signage is clear and obvious; buildings are colourful & fun; tea, coffee, cakes & buns are cheap & plentiful, & the technology is easy to use by even the most computer illiterate members of society. A non-elitist place where anyone can come & not feel inferior. I’ll also display my collection of ‘rock-art’ photographs, taken down by the seashore near MONA when I had to look after the pup & couldn’t go in – intricate, purple, mauve, speckly & swirly rock formations. I can even display some of my very own poo machines – Rosie being the most productive of those.