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Monday 8 August 2011

I have nothing to report except rain. Dreary, persistent, grey, all-enveloping, demoralising rain. Not just rain for a day, but drizzle for days and nights on end, with no let-up. 35mm in the last 24 hours, 81mm in the last week. The only happy vegemites here are the geese - & possibly the trout. The goats are due to start kidding by the end of this week & I'm not sure I can get on the land to get bedding to them. I'll be feeding them by wheelbarrow today - back to the bad old days pre-Suzuki. An ex-colleague of mine from years back in the UK is visiting on Wednesday through to Saturday. When she rang, I tried to tell her how awful the weather was so she could choose not to come. She'll be flying in from Brisbane & said "Oh, is Tasmania different from Brisbane then?" Ho ho! At least it would be funny if it wasn't set to continue to rain for the entire week - a large low is sitting directly on top of us. In yesterday's paper Brisbane was reported as 'fine & 21°C', Hobart as 'rain & 11°C'. Even in the UK I can't recall experiencing endless rain of this nature without some respite.