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Friday 31 May 2013

I've been gazing out of the window this morning watching a lonesome plover - which has been standing in the same spot for at least an hour - and three manic native hens. The latter spend half their time pecking peaceably under the pear tree for grubs, and the remainder of the time squawking, chasing one another around in huge circles and fighting. It's hard to imagine their relationship. Native hens don't fly but run spectacularly fast, using their long legs & stubby wings to flap themselves along at ground level. When they call, it sounds like a carpenter madly sawing coarse wood. They flick their tails like Murphy does, when agitated or intrigued.

The last couple of weeks have been characterised by frosty mornings, drifting fog and beautiful sunny days with low sun slanting through the mist, the smoke from wood fires and silhouetted trees. Autumn is my favourite time of year - both here and in the UK. Everywhere I look I want to to take photos. Mostly, unfortunately, the urge comes when driving to work with the sun low on the eastern horizon and the mist coiling around the hills. I've resorted recently to holding the camera out of the car window and shooting randomly in what I hope is the right direction! Sometimes it's paid off. Here are a few photos from the last fortnight - not all from the car!

The photos above are of our house and land
These 3 photos are early morning Crabtree views




Various early morning and twilight scenes taken whilst driving
to and from the Huon Valley and Hobart

Hobart Town Hall - where I work (Bronte's in an art deco building on an opposite corner)