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Aug - Dec 2014

A few photos from Bronte's phone spanning the past three and a half months.

Amazing 3D picture created on the concrete on the Hobart waterfront

Luke has been playing the kids' version of T20 blast on Friday nights and has recently started playing for the Huonville Bulls' under-12s team. This is him kitted up for his batting debut (somewhat nervous).

Fish-farms on the Derwent, viewed from our Peppermint Bay cruise. The 'gourmet
farmer' Matthew Evans, who lives locally in Cygnet, recently did a documentary on
fish caught and eaten in Tassie. He concluded that even if the pollution problem can
be overcome with fish-farming, the problem remains that fish have to be caught to feed
fish. Although the conversion rate is very good  - about 1kg of feed to produce 1.5kg
of salmon - it remains a problem for me.

Giant koala seen by Bronte on his way to Naracoorte for an
uncle's funeral

New Brooke Street Pier having been towed into position on the Hobart
waterfront. There is still a lot of construction underway.

Panorama from top of Mount Wellington following the Point to Pinnacle

Sodden ground following snow. Misty mountains in the distance

Submarine recently docked in Hobart - looked rather sinister